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February 28, 2022

Kitchen Designs: How to Get The Most Out of Your Budget

Kitchen renovations can be an exciting part of being a homeowner. This is your opportunity to reshape one of the most important rooms of your house to match much more than just your cooking style! But quickly after starting the design process you may come to realise that your love of bespoke Italian tiles and designer details may not match your budget. Most of us don’t have a cool million to drop on luxury imported kitchen materials! But at Hobart Kitchen Transformations, we have some excellent design solutions that will still result in a beautiful kitchen. Just without breaking the bank!

You deserve the kitchen of your dreams and the great news is that you can pretty much make that happen on any budget. All you need is some affordable materials and a little cleverness! Here are some of our favourite tricks for achieving gorgeous kitchen renovations for our clients on a modest budget.

New Cabinets Now Could Save You Later

Some people choose to repaint or replace the doors on their existing cabinetry in an effort to save money. In our experience however, whilst you may save initially, the long-term cost implications usually mean there isn’t a lot to be gained by prolonging the inevitable replacement. We see problems often arise if client’s choose to remove their old cabinets later, as significant structural issues can remain hidden underneath. A coat of pain will never be able to fix something that’s simply broken!

The good news is there are ways to replace kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank. Choosing a flatpack product will allow you to start out small and then build up as your budget allows!

Get Creative with Countertop Materials

If luxury solid stone countertops are out of reach, laminate is a great default option. Modern laminate technology results in an end product that is quite sturdy and can resemble real stone. And if you would like to upgrade to real stone at a later time, there are lots of granite and quartz overlay options available. 

Keep Your Space Open, With Open Shelving!

Skip the price of a full cabinet installation in favour of the less costly shelving. Floating and open shelves can drastically reduce the expenses of a remodel. Open shelves also make a kitchen look and feel larger and more spacious and provide more versatile storage solutions. 

The Hafele Square Stack Modular Shelf is a fantastic open shelf option. You can start out small and then build your shelving unit over time. It also seamlessly fits in with almost any kitchen style and it is easy to install. Check out more about this unique product here

Choose More Cupboards, Less Drawers

If it’s storage space you need but still want to keep the cost down, opt for cupboards instead of drawers. Oftentimes, we can save thousands of dollars for our clients by simply removing all the drawers and sliding mechanisms from their plans. Looking for somewhere to store all your pots and pans? Skip the idea of a deep drawer and go for a large cupboard with a door instead!

DIY Island Design

Installing a kitchen island can really contribute to a kitchen’s cost. But finding an option that is completely different – and unique! – is the key. Perhaps you could go for a counter-height table with either a wood or stainless steel top? You can even try your hand at making your own by raising the height of an existing table or source something industrial instead. Additional tip? Install wheels to make it conveniently portable for an extra work surface elsewhere or clear kitchen floor space when you need it.

Make an Impact with Statement Lighting

Want to make your kitchen feel designer-decorated without splashing out on a designer? It’s all about the light fixture. Statement lighting is very popular in kitchens today, often a complex pendant light design hanging over the island. This draws the eye upward and can give your whole kitchen a new sense of style and design theme. The use of repurposed materials in lighting is very popular at the moment, or you might be able to find a local artist who can make something unique and one-of-a-kind for you at a reasonable price!

Laminate Board Flooring

You don’t have to pay for expensive (and cold) tile flooring or have to settle for old-fashioned laminate floors. The best affordable flooring today is laminate board, which is wood boards made from layers of wood pulp pressed between laminate (plastic). It’s springy and warm like wood floors, but also engineered and water-resistant so safe for kitchens and bathrooms. You can also choose a finish in any wood grain and stain you prefer.

Play with Feature Colours

A little pop of colour can go a long way in a kitchen! Why not try incorporating some feature cupboard doors (or perhaps your whole island) in a contrasting colour to get that high-end designer look you crave! Talk to us about custom coloured doors and panels for that pop of colour.

Keep Your Appliances 

Finally, there is no reason why you have to replace your kitchen and your appliances at the same time. Especially if they’re still in perfectly fine working order. Most appliances are a standard size these days, meaning that new cabinetry can easily be made to fit around them. When you do finally need to replace your appliances, it will be as easy as removing the old to make way for the new!

At Hobart Kitchen Transformations, we specialise in helping you achieve your dream kitchen – regardless of budget! We are also experts in space saving and budget-saving options for all tastes. Get in touch with us today and let us help!

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