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February 1, 2022

How to Design The Perfect Kitchen to Suit Your Home

What makes the perfect kitchen, you ask? That is a great question. There are many design elements to consider, from beautiful colours and finishes to focused task lighting, to specific spatial requirements (or limitations) plus the level of functionality you need from the right mix of benchtop surfaces and storage. And that’s just to name a few! There is something else that is the magic ingredient for designing the perfect kitchen to suit your home. Read on to find out what that is!

Let’s cover the most important elements for designing the perfect kitchen first!

Choosing the Perfect Colours & Finishes For You

20 years ago, a typical kitchen was made from timber cupboards with matching handles and benchtops that were either matching timber or laminate. Thankfully, kitchen design has come a long way since then! Timber is still used in modern kitchen designs, but instead of being the sole focus, it is used as a design feature to bring warmth to the space.

If you are not wanting to change your kitchen every few years to keep up with the changing trends (and who does?) then keeping things to a neutral palette of whites and greys is something you should consider. Doing this also gives you the ability to constantly change the style of your kitchen by adding pops of colour and texture through the appliances, handles, splashbacks, shelving and ornaments you choose. And this way, you won’t have to pay time and again to update your space to the latest fashion! 

Task lighting: How will you achieve targeted illumination in your space?

A modern kitchen is no longer tucked away in a small room and is only used for cooking meals for the family. Nowadays, the kitchen is very much at the centre of the home, with modern open-plan house designs regularly making it the feature of the living space. Whilst a kitchen’s basic functionality is still a space for cooking food, we use it in many more ways than just that. It is a gathering space for friends and family, it’s where the kids do their homework, we set up our working-from-home desk at the breakfast bar and it’s where we do the majority of our life admin tasks.

So having the correct lighting in the kitchen is a vital design component to get right.

In the past, a kitchen may have had just one light that was located in the centre of the ceiling. The result was often long shadows cast on every surface, making it hard to see what you were doing when the sun went down. With the uptake in the home led light technology, there are now so many lighting options that can be incorporated into the design of your new kitchen. 

What Space Requirements Are You Working With?

Regardless of what you dream your new kitchen will look like, how much available space you have is always going to be one of the biggest considerations for your kitchen design. The function of a space is determined by its form or shape. So, how much you can do in your kitchen is heavily dependent on the space, size and shape of the room.

Depending on how much space you have to work with, you may need to be a little creative with how you utilise yours.

As more and more Australians are giving up house size for proximity to capital cities (with new builds the smallest they’ve been in over 15+ years) kitchen designs are being focussed on how to best optimise functionality for smaller spaces. Thankfully, the technology is keeping up. There are a whole range of brilliant space-saving products available out there which mean that even if you don’t have the huge kitchen you really want, you still have a huge amount of usable space at your disposal for storage, preparation and cooking.

And the final magic ingredient? It’s all about designing for the future!

When designing your new kitchen, the most important thing you need to keep in the back of your mind is how very quickly kitchen design trends are changing. What is “on-trend” and fashionable today, might not be in two years’ time. Most people do not want to have to be updating their entire kitchen every couple of years to keep up. Working with a designer who is up to date on emerging trends and is able to create your kitchen in such a way that the foundation supports future style updates is therefore imperative.

Designing a new kitchen shouldn’t be a hurdle. But, unfortunately, some people get it wrong by outsourcing to the wrong kitchen specialists. Please don’t make the same mistake because it may be costly in the long run.

The good news is, this is one area where we at Hobart Kitchen Transformations never disappoint.

  • We utilise the state of the art 3D Kitchen design software to assist in this process.
  • Our expert designers will sit down with you and go through every aspect of the design process, like layout, style, design, and flow.

So, get in touch with us now to start your dream kitchen design today!

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